Meet Jennifer

JenniferHi, I’m Jennifer Terry. I am the owner and (at the moment) sole employee of Calm & Collected. I love puzzles!  I love the idea of putting things together and snapping them into place.  I’ve always been drawn to work and creative pursuits that are like puzzles such as directing plays and scrapbooking.  Organization and Design are like the ultimate creative puzzle!

 I started with organization as a business venture first. All my life I’ve been organizing people and even the businesses where I’ve worked. Years ago, a boss of mine said, “You should organize people professionally” and I knew she was right. I had some business cards made up and started taking on clients! After helping people get organized, the next logical step seemed to be giving them a finished space with a new look. So I completed the Residential Design program offered by the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and branched out into Interior Design.

This is not just a job for me- it is a passion! I truly enjoy helping people achieve the living environment they always imagined for themselves. When you are organized, you have less stress. You have more time because you aren’t spending your time looking for things. When your spaces are laid out in ways that make sense and make the best use of the space you have, you will feel more relaxed in your home. Your home can be more than just functional- it can be beautiful and truly reflect you, your life and your family.

A word about my fees:

I don’t charge a lot for my services and there is a good reason for that!  As a pastor’s wife, and former stay-at-home mom, I know what it feels like when the budget is tight.  I have set my fees at $50 an hour (less for e-design) because for years, that is about all we could afford for any kind of professional services. I believe my skills are the same as those who charge more, but I want to be an affordable alternative.  (If you feel that I’m charging too little, you are welcome to pay me more!)

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