My friend posted a picture on Facebook yesterday.  It was a map of the Americas turned sideways and it looked like a duck.  So I commented that since I first saw a map of Australia in third grade, I’ve thought it looked like a Scotty dog.  I just assumed everyone thought that.  Apparently not!  So here I give you a map of Australia beside a Scotty dog and now you, too, will see it as I do.

I can't NOT see a Scotty dog when I look at Autralia

I can’t NOT see a Scotty dog when I look at Australia.

Today, while driving, I passed a boat with a For Sale sign on it.  Emblazoned on the side was it’s name:  Wet Dreams.  While I appreciate the word play, I think I wouldn’t want to touch anything on that boat.



I see the weirdest things in a day.  I really do.  One week I saw something outrageously unusual every single day: a wild turkey walking down the middle of the road whose head came up almost equal to mine as I drove slowly past, an Amish man attempting to get on horse bareback,  and I thought,”I should record these things”.  The problem is I don’t often have pictures.  I’ve finally decided:  Who cares if there are no pictures?!?!  So today is the first day of my new series “What I saw Today”.  And what I saw today was a sign outside a market offering “Fresh Rainforest Talapia”.

Probably NOT a Rainforest Talapia

Probably NOT a Rainforest Talapia

I had two thoughts: a) I wouldn’t think of looking for fish in a forest and b) is there really a rainforest close enough to get fish to PA and still call it “fresh”?