I love Christmas cards!  Christmas cards are a great connection to the people in my life and in many a case they are the only connection to some of the people in my life!   I especially love photo cards.  I love seeing how my friends’ families have grown and changed over the years.  I actually keep a scrapbook of the photo cards I receive.

I started sending a version of a photo card when our first child was a baby.  I was an avid scrapbooker at the time, so I made an album page with some of the highlights of our year in photos.

My first scrapbook page Christmas Card

My first scrapbook page Christmas Card

Then we had the scrapbook page color copied and we folded the copies and sent them out as our cards.  This letter would go in my scrapbook and all the photo cards we receive that year would go in after it.  I kept up this form of Christmas card for years, but it was pretty time consuming.  Our family took a brief respite from sending cards for a few years. Last year my husband took over putting together a photo card, but I missed being involved.

This year I’ve found the perfect solution!  I was invited to take a look at Minted.  This site offers so many awesome cards that are way more than a step above color copies and they are faster and easier to put together than a scrapbook page!  Minted offers “Holiday Cards” and “Christmas Cards” from simple to elaborate. (I mostly explored the post card section because, honestly, that was more my price range.) And look at the difference in the paper they use:



I had so much fun playing with my photos in the different cards. They have an option you can click that allows you to see your photo in several cards at once.  See?:

Our Family Photo inserted into many cards at once.

Our Family Photo inserted into many cards at once.

You can zoom in on your photo and shift it around in the editor.  I don’t want to reveal the card I ultimately chose, but I will show you the runners-up!

I LOOOOOVE this card, but I really like to include more than one photo:


Here is the runner-up in the “more than one photo” category:

card 2

I did end up using the photos above, but I chose a very different card. Stay tuned- maybe I’ll share it when it arrives.

Frankly, I wrote this post because Minted asked me to (and they offered me a small credit toward anything on their site) , but I’m ordering the cards because I think they are cool and I can’t wait to see mine!