Twitter_logo_blueI’ve been on Twitter for about 8 months now and there are a few things that I’ve learned, that I’d like to pass along:

1.  Check your bio for misspellings- I saw a gal who lives in “Flordia” and a person who likes “Interior Desing”.  It’s only 140 characters, it shouldn’t take you too long to proofread! 😉

2.  While you do have 140 characters to write your bio, all 140 of them don’t necessarily show in your preview box on other users pages. Go to the page of someone you just followed and look at your preview box there.  Can you see your whole bio?  Very few people are going to click to see the last few missing words.

3.  Look closely at your header photo.  Does it contain words?  Are the words legible to viewers in your preview not just on your profile page?  Again, go to the page of someone you just followed and look at your preview box there.  Does your header photo still make sense?  What is depicted in in your photo?  Does it make sense in the preview?  Maybe you have a photo of your kitchen.  Make sure you can see the whole photo and not just the empty space between your counter and cabinets.

4.  Tweet photos!  You have to come up with some pretty intriguing phrases to get me click your link, but reel me in with a great photo and I click every time!

5.  Don’t use true twit validation!  I don’t care who you are or how great your tweets might be, I am not going to the trouble of getting myself validated to follow you.  I get very annoyed when I get a direct message saying that I need to be validated.  I’ve been on Twitter for 8 months and have yet to see any need to validate any of my followers.  If a follower is creepy, I just don’t follow back.

Which brings me to my sixth and final tip:

6.  Follow back- You like to be followed, so follow back!  If you read your followers bio and see that you have absolutely nothing in common, you can pass but if you work in the same industry or have the same interests:  follow back.  Don’t be intimidated to follow people with your same job!  They are no threat to you and you just might learn something from them!  Follow people who follow you and see who their followers are, if they look interesting- follow them, too!