Want to know a cool and perhaps unexpected perk to having a blog?  You can use it as a portfolio to show off some of your work!  Want to see what I’ve been working on?

Jennifer Terry The Everygirl Mood Board -min

This design is for a company I’ve done some work for. The company will be featured on a well-known blogging site in the near future!  I can only hope that my design is front and center! They asked for a living room for a young, urban woman interested in hip, chic design. Here’s a 3D view of how the room will look:

roomI just did a nursery idea board for a woman who asked that the room feature an elephant.  She already had the rug and the crib and she really liked a $4000 version of this chandelier (this one is only $380!):

Odalis nursery - Page 001-minHere is a living room for a gal in NYC looking for a bit of contemporary design.  The white cabinet is her existing TV stand:

Calm & Collected Mood Board for Michiko -minWhat are you looking for?  I can do a mood board for you, too!  We’ll discuss what you are looking for, what you like and don’t like.  Then I’ll make you a board similar to those above.  We’ll tweak it until it is exactly what you are looking for.  Then I’ll provide you with a floor plan (so so know where to place everything) and shopping list and you’ve got yourself a new room all at a budget that you set before we begin!



I recently had a reader ask for help with a problem.  I thought that could be a new feature on the blog!  If you have a troublesome spot in your home- please ask for help! I’ll see what I can do to give you a solution.

Qj soap” I beg of you! Please help me find a creative and fun way to make these accessible on my husband’s side of our master bath double sink without looking, well…like this! He insists on keeping leftover hotel soaps and using them up. But I end up with a pile of these in my sink or I find them under the sink years later because he forgets. I think he’d die if I came up with a way to stage them so he can remember to use them instead of secretly throwing them all out. The theme in the bathroom is nautical. We have a wooden ships wheel and some light house stuff. Ideas?”


I’d take the ones he is currently using and put them in/on a glass soap dish. Could be shaped like a seashell or just round. I have one that is shaped like a leaf in my bathroom. (The glass ones seem to clean off easier, but the glass part is not exactly necessary.) Then, I’d take the ones that are under the sink and display them on the sink in a glass apothecary jar–with a lid! If the wrappers are pretty, leave them wrapped. If they are ugly, unwrap them. You can have a mix of both. When he needs a new one, he can just reach in and grab one. You may still need to throw away the bits in the soap dish when they get icky, but the unused ones will have a nice dust-free, easy-to-remember-them home.  I think I’m going to start looking for a pretty apothecary jar at yard sales and Goodwill so I can do this myself!







As I was putting together a summery front porch I noticed we had two rather large “blank” walls.And from the other direction...I realized that if this room was an indoor room, I would hang art on those walls.  I thought, “Why not?!?”  I had the perfect way to do it, too!

When Hometalk asked me to curate a board of budget DIY wall art ideas, I found an idea that used a shower curtain to create art.  You can see that project in the graphic below: the one with the whale.

My very own pinnable graphic! Please pin it!

My very own pinnable graphic! Please pin it!

The problem with this particular version was that it is an indoor project using a cloth curtain and a wooden frame.  I didn’t see any reason that it couldn’t be adapted though! I knew I could use a plastic curtain, but what to wrap it around?  Why not foam core?  It seems kind of indestructible.

Here are my supplies:

3 pieces of foam core, a shower curtain and packing tape.

3 pieces of foam core, a shower curtain and packing tape.

I bought 3 sheets of foam core, the only plastic shower curtain at my local Walmart that fit my decor, and a roll of packing tape.  I wanted 2 pieces of art in 2 different sizes.  For the smaller wall on my porch, I used the foam core as is ( 22″ x 28″). For the much larger wall, I decided to attach 2 boards together making a piece that is 28″ x 44″.  My middle son helped me! We taped the boards with the packing tape and added additional support with 2 used paint stirs from our basement (free!).


Attaching 2 pieces of foam core with 2 paint stirs

When I opened the shower curtain it was very wrinkled and full of fold lines.  This is the one step I would do differently next time:  I decided to use my steamer to get the wrinkles out.  It did get the wrinkles out, but the steam also puckered the curtain in a few places when it got really hot. I’m not sure HOW I would do it it differently, but I wouldn’t steam it next time.  Please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments!

We just cut the curtain in two pieces and then further cut it so each piece was slightly larger than the foam core pieces.  We wrapped the curtains tight around the boards and taped them to the back with packing tape.  I taped down all the loose edges, so no bugs or debris would be able to get inside- this was especially important here because my shower curtain is actually clear on a white board.  The curtain is not white.  Any speck of dust that would get in there would be visible.

And the finished product:




With a different pillow…

I hung them with sticky back Velcro squares:  4 squares on the small one and 6 on the big one- not because they are heavy, but because I didn’t want the wind to take them.  The package said “For indoor and outdoor use”.

I would love to see if you decide to try this yourself!