I have a new job!  I will now be working as a designer for Decorsit.com!

decorist site


I’m very excited to be doing design work for people all over the country.  You can request me, if you’d like me to design your space.  Click on the photo above to check out my bio on the Decorist website.  =)

I thought it might be fun to have a regular feature on this blog that lets me talk more about design.  I’m thinking of taking photos of rooms I like from the internet and analyzing them from a design standpoint.  I’ll talk about what elements to copy to achieve a similar look in your own home and maybe provide shopping links for similar items at an affordable price point.

Where to start, though?  There are sooo many great photos on the internet!  How about we start with a celebrity home that looks fairly simple to duplicate?

jlos NYC penthouse bedroom

I love this little beauty!  It is a bedroom in Jennifer Lopez’s NYC Penthouse.  Let’s talk about it!

Before we can start to duplicate this look, we need to look at what elements make this room what it is.  How does this room make you feel and what elements contribute to that feeling?  Your answers may be different than mine!  I see a serene, neutral bedroom.  The tone-on-tone, mostly white palette is grounded with dark brown.  I believe the mix of texture is what makes this room so luxe.  To get a similar feel in your own room, here are the elements I think should be duplicated:

  1. The walls.  Start with a light colored neutral.  White, off-white, pale gray, light beige or even a subtle pink or lilac would give you this same airy feel.
  2. The white. Go crisp white on the drapes and go floor to ceiling if you can.  They should definitely touch the floor and then go as high as you can.  (My home has 10 foot ceilings. It’s tough to find pre-made drapes that would go floor to ceiling and they are super expensive when I do find them!)  Go crisp white on the bedding, too.  Comforter, quilt, duvet cover…it doesn’t matter, so long as it is crisp white.
  3. The textures.  This is super important for a tone-on-tone room!  Here there is a nubby, natural jute rug, a fluffy fur throw, what looks like a plush velvet sofa and the sleek smoothness of the bed, table and desk. And of course, lots of soft pillows!  If you don’t have space or budget for a velvet sofa, try a tufted bench instead.
  4. The dark brown.  You need a dark color to ground all the ethereal lightness of the rest.  The dark bed, the table and the desk chair ground this room and keep it from being whimpy and whispy.  You could also use black or a deep charcoal grey.  You can ground your room with different elements.  It doesn’t have to be the table, bed and chair, but the dark elements to need to spread across the room.  You could use black or oil-rubbed bronze drapery rods.  You could have a lamp with a black base on the desk, rather than a black desk chair.

I suspect that Jennifer’s bed is actually bronze, but here is a bed with similar lines that could ground an all-white room.  Click on the photo for shopping info. (I get no compensation for sharing these links!  I just thought it might be fun to help you shop!)

canopy bed

Modern, four poster bed

That beautiful carved table is probably custom made.  I could not find anything like it on the internet!  Nothing!  I’m embarrassed to tell you how long I spent looking for something similar.  I’m sure it is a dining table.  It appears too large to be an accent or end table.  If you wanted a table similar to this, your best bet would be CustomMade.com.

Let’s look at that white desk in the corner.  It is a white desk trying to balance a black table in the opposite corner.  It is able to do that because it is so chunky and is paired with a black chair. This writing desk is a great match and it’s under $200!


Chunky, white writing desk

What do you think of Design:  Duplicated?  Do you have a photo you’d like me to duplicate?  Please let me know!