When it comes to design, I love textures!  I think I’m drawn to Industrial Design elements because I feel they are often very textural.  One thing I am drawn to repeatedly is pipe shelves!  Pipes and wood!  I’m going to make some for my living room.pipe shelves 1

Pipe Shelves found on the Nerd Nest

I’m having a hard time finding ones out there like the ones I want to build.  I really like the look of this library above  from Nerd Nest, but I don’t want to drill through the boards like they did.

I like the look of the unit below from Joanna Gaines, but I don’t want to attach every shelf to the wall.

pipe shelves 2

Pipe Shelves found on Magnolia Market

Finally, I found these shelves where they don’t drill through the boards or attach every shelf to the wall.  These are what I plan to base my own pipe shelves on:


Just right shelves from Constellation and Co.

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