Calm and Collected, 5 reasons a DIY-er Should Hire an Interior DesignerYou are a DIYer, the very definition of which implies you don’t need professional help! You love to make and/or repurpose items for your home. You probably even have friends who come to you for home advice, so why in the world would YOU hire an interior designer, especially an e-designer?!

Sometimes you just need advice. Sometimes you can tell there is something missing, but you just don’t know what it is. You might be great with a hammer, but you’re not so confident about choosing wall colors. I can help you problem solve!

As an e-designer (or virtual designer) myself, let me tell you some ways I have been helpful to DIYers.

I can:

  1. Provide a Professional Assessment– I can objectively assess how your home works or doesn’t work for you. I will see and notice things that you may not and can help you determine what to keep in the space and what to edit out. Do you and your spouse or roommates want different things from your space? I can help remedy conflict and find the best way to marry your styles. I can help you come up with a solid plan of action for moving forward with arranging and decorating your home.
  2. Help You Determine Your Style– Knowing your style is like following a road-map. What color should you use to refinish that dresser for your foyer? Should you buy that squirrel statue at Goodwill? It’s 75% off and would look awesome painted white! When you have defined your style, you can use it as a guide for all your DIY projects. This will help you to know if any item is worth purchasing or revamping and bringing into your home. It doesn’t matter how inexpensive an item is or how easy of a DIY project it will be if it doesn’t reflect you and how you want to live.
  3. Save You Money– It may seem counter-intuitive to hire me to save you money, but see the example above for starters! I can help you keep your budget on track. I can also help you avoid costly mistakes by helping you choose items that are the right size, scale, color and texture the first time around. I’m a DIY-er, too! I think and shop like a DIY-er and I have some good resources that may not be available to you, other than through a tradesperson. I can also help you make changes that will add to the resale value of your home.
  4. Save You Time and Energy– With your photos and measurements, I can arrange and rearrange your room without you ever once having to move a piece of furniture. Space planning is my forte! I have helped more than one client work a baby grand piano into their living room along with all their other furniture!  I can also save you hours of researching products and prices! In just a few weeks, I picked out an entire home’s worth of furniture for a client who bought a vacation house. Left to their own devices (shopping only on their free evenings and weekends) it would have taken them months to furnish their new home.
  5. Coach You While You Maintain Control – I’m a collaborator! I’m not going to take all the fun away from you!  I am going to work with you get the most out of each room in your home. You’re a DIYer. You can still DIY. I’m sure you have tons of ideas. We can compare ideas and elaborate on each other’s thoughts bringing out the best possible outcome. I might have ideas you have never thought of before! Let’s see!

So? What are you waiting for? Shoot me an e-mail: jennifer@calmandcollected and let’s see how we can work together!

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