24 Travel Printables for Free Curated by CalmandCollected.us

If you’ve visited my blog before, you know I LOVE putting together gallery walls.  I’ve even garnered the nickname “Gallery Girl”.  Helping clients with gallery walls has become a steadily increasing part of my business.  I have actually done walls with a travel theme.  I don’t know that I would make a wall out of just these freebies, but they do look nice together.  My thought was more that you would use your own travel photos as the basis for a gallery wall and then fill in with some of these pieces that I found on-line. All of these are for personal use only.  First 11 of 24 Travel Printables for Free Curated by CalmandCollected.usThis is group 1.  Here is where they can be found:

pennsylvania- state printable


Andrea has all 50 states over at The Cottage Market. I chose Pennsylvania because that is where I live and I wanted a horizontal picture. LOL! These have the state names on them, but I chose not to use it here.

set of arrows from 24 Travel Printables for Free Curated by CalmandCollected.us


This is one of several free printables in this one post alone from Kyla at House of Hipsters. Poke around on her site. She seems like a lot of fun!


 luggage tags printable from 24 Travel Printables for Free Curated by CalmandCollected.us


I love the idea of printing out all of these luggage tags, but the sad fact is…they probably won’t print very large.  The original link I found to them is defunct.  Becky used them for an American Airlines party she did and there is a link on her site The Burke Family & a Box of Cupcakes -Adventures in Adoption. The file size is pretty small, but they are still cool!

oh-the-places-youll-go printable from 24 Travel Printables for Free Curated by CalmandCollected.us


Christina from MyLoveNotedesigns on Etsy  shared this free printable on Jodie & Jen’s blog Eighteen25. Eighteen25 is the number of the house they grew up in!

Adventure printable from 24 Travel Printables for Free Curated by CalmandCollected.us


Crystal made up this print to share on her blog Exploration America. This is a fun blog where she shares her adventures of traveling the US with her family of five.

Life is a grand adventure printable from 24 Travel Printables for Free Curated by CalmandCollected.us


Full disclosure- you will probably not be able to blow this up as the centerpiece of your gallery wall as I have done here. I just did it so you could read it. This was actually designed by Katie Pertiet as a 3×4 card for scrapbooking on her website Katiepertiet.com.

Travel is to Live quote from 24 Travel Printables for Free Curated by CalmandCollected.us


Missie from Lost Bumble Bee made this free printable in 3 different styles each in 3 different sizes.  It is part of a longer quote from Hans Christian Anderson:   To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, To gain all while you give, To roam the roads of lands remote, To travel is to live.

hot air balloon printable from 24 Travel Printables for Free Curated by CalmandCollected.us


This cute little hot air ball0on was drawn by Ellen Kozyra Currier. It can be found on Feed Your Soul: The Free Art Project along with lots of other free art prints.

adventuring print from 24 Travel Printables for Free Curated by CalmandCollected.us


There’s not a lot of info about the maker of this Adventuring print, but you can find it at Couple Jones.

GoldFoil-Countries-UnitedKingdom from 24 Travel Printables for Free Curated by CalmandCollected.us


Andrea from The Cottage Market made these gold foil countries, too, but these she shared on Shabby Creek Cottage.  There are LOTS of countries to choose from!

Wander Wonder Print from 24 Travel Printables for Free Curated by CalmandCollected.us


Meredith made this print and a couple of others to decorate her sister’s bridal shower.  Isn’t that a fun idea?  You can find this at Unoriginal Mom.

Second 13 of 24 Travel Printables for Free Curated by CalmandCollected.usThis is group 2. Here is where they can be found:

Wonderful World song quote printable from 24 Travel Printables for Free Curated by CalmandCollected.us


Here’s another one from Missie at Lost Bumble Bee. You know I am a sucker for song lyrics!

Ontario Lakelands poster printable from 24 Travel Printables for Free Curated by CalmandCollected.us


I found this vintage poster from Canadian National Railways on Bloglovin’.  It is from Freevintageposters.com. (I told you you’d be seeing more from this website!)

Not all who wander are lost quote printable from 24 Travel Printables for Free Curated by CalmandCollected.us


This printable is from Katie at This Mountain Life. I shared with you before that Katie & her husband, Eric sold their home and moved into their RV to travel for a year. They are now about 3 weeks into the journey if you want to follow along!

Faux Travel Poster to Arendelle from 24 Travel Printables for Free Curated by CalmandCollected.us


I love this! It is a fake vintage-style travel poster for Arendelle from the movie Frozen.  It fit my color scheme and it is clever!  Alexis has a bunch of links to different Disney vintage style travel posters over at Persia Lou.

Sequoia National Park Poster


Here is another poster from Free Vintage Posters. There are soooo many great ones to choose from!

Cunard Line Vintage Poster printable from 24 Travel Printables for Free Curated by CalmandCollected.us


I mean, really!  See:

United Airlines Japan Travel Poster printable from 24 Travel Printables for Free Curated by CalmandCollected.us


Ok. Last one. For now. But I knew my son would really like this vintage United Airlines poster for Japan.

Aloha Oe Sheet music cover printable from 24 Travel Printables for Free Curated by CalmandCollected.us


This printable is actually a sheet music cover that I found on Little Gold Pixel along with 15 other Hawaiian printables.  This is actually from The New York Library Digital Collection.

Earth Watercolor Print from 24 Travel Printables for Free Curated by CalmandCollected.us


Lisa Mabey made this with and without words over at Mabey She Made It. Isn’t it lovely?

Map of the US printable from 24 Travel Printables for Free Curated by CalmandCollected.us


This map of the United States is one of four found on Mr. Printables.  They were actually made to do geography lessons, but this one is so colorful! It would look great in a gallery wall!

Traveler not Tourist Quote from 24 Travel Printables for Free Curated by CalmandCollected.us


Ashley Mayes made this printable for a travel gallery wall over at Bigger than the Three of Us.  It’s also available in black and white.

Adventure awaits journal card from 24 Travel Printables for Free Curated by CalmandCollected.us


This card was actually on a sheet of printables made for scrapbooking.  You might be able to print it as a 5 x 7, I doubt you could get it any bigger than that.  I found it at Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking.

50 State license plates from 24 Travel Printables for Free Curated by CalmandCollected.us


You can hang this printable of all 50 state license plates on your wall or use it as a check list to play the license plate game while driving long distances. It was made by Jen at I Heart Organizing.

That’s all of them!  Comment below if you decide to try any of them or let me know if you know of other good travel printables!  I would love if you could take a moment to follow my blog with Bloglovin.

24 Travel Printables for Free Curated by CalmandCollected.us

I love gallery walls and have made that a large part of the e-design part of my business.  Sometimes you just need little fillers for your gallery wall, so I have been collecting free printables on a board on Pinterest.  I thought it would be nice to design my own printables to give away!  Creativity Takes Courage quote printable

Because I have never done this before, I don’t know how to get you a printable version of this other than to send you an e-mail!  If you’ll comment on this post (your e-mail will not be published!), I’ll send you a PDF version of this quote that you can print out.  I’m going to try to make a new printable to give away every Friday.  Do you have a quote or something you’d like to see?  Let me know!  Thanks for visiting Calm and Collected- The Blog!  Please click the “Follow” button in the bottom right corner of your screen for more like this and check out my website, too!

Free printable for your gallery wall "Creativity takes Courage" quote on calmandcollected.us/blog

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So this cry for help was put before me today:  “I am moving to a smaller place… 30 years of stuff. I need practical ways to get rid of stuff! HELP!”

[ File # csp11447431, License # 3160803 ] Licensed through http://www.canstockphoto.com in accordance with the End User License Agreement (http://www.canstockphoto.com/legal.php) (c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / caraman

I’ll post my thoughts here, as I’m sure there are lots of people in a similar situation.

First of all, you need to have a plan. If you know where you are going and can get the room measurements you can be a step ahead!  Draw out your new rooms on a piece of graph paper.  You want to try to draw it to scale and make the drawing as big as your room size/graph paper will allow- maybe 4 squares= 1 foot, or 6 squares = 1 foot.  Then draw  out your existing furniture on a seperate piece of graph paper (also to scale) and cut them out.  Then just think of this as a jigsaw puzzle.  Is there a piece of furniture you absolutely must keep?  Put that in first, then try placing the things you’d like to keep and last try to place the items you could keep, but it wouldn’t kill you to part with them.  Arrange and rearrange until you are happy with the arrangement.  Be sure to keep in mind that these pieces of paper represent 3 dimensioanl objects, your bookcase may fit between the sofa and the TV on paper, but it won’t work in your room! LOL!  Not everyone can think in three 3D, if the thought of doing this overwhelms you or gives you a headache consider hiring a Move Management specialist.  Now you know what furniture you are keeping (and you have a map to show your furniture movers!) sell or donate the rest of your furniture.

floor plan

With the “stuff”, it is probably best to ask yourself “What do I really want to keep?” and only keep those things. If you look at each item one at a time and ask yourself, “Do I want to keep this?” too often, the answer will be “yes.” If you can have a level-headed friend help you, that would be good. They can keep you on track by asking you questions like:
–Do you REALLY need that? When is the last time you used it? When will you use it again?
–You don’t NEED that, but do you love it? Will you display it in your new place? If it’s just going to be in a closet, then you don’t need to take it.

I’ve heard it said, that you are more likely to keep an item if you are touching it when asking yourself if you should keep it.  I don’t know if that is actually true, but speaking from my own experience, I think it might be!  If you are doing this with a friend, you might want to let them be the one to touch the items, just in case!

Go through one room at a time; one cabinet, drawer, shelf at a time.

I recently had a reader ask for help with a problem.  I thought that could be a new feature on the blog!  If you have a troublesome spot in your home- please ask for help! I’ll see what I can do to give you a solution.

Qj soap” I beg of you! Please help me find a creative and fun way to make these accessible on my husband’s side of our master bath double sink without looking, well…like this! He insists on keeping leftover hotel soaps and using them up. But I end up with a pile of these in my sink or I find them under the sink years later because he forgets. I think he’d die if I came up with a way to stage them so he can remember to use them instead of secretly throwing them all out. The theme in the bathroom is nautical. We have a wooden ships wheel and some light house stuff. Ideas?”


I’d take the ones he is currently using and put them in/on a glass soap dish. Could be shaped like a seashell or just round. I have one that is shaped like a leaf in my bathroom. (The glass ones seem to clean off easier, but the glass part is not exactly necessary.) Then, I’d take the ones that are under the sink and display them on the sink in a glass apothecary jar–with a lid! If the wrappers are pretty, leave them wrapped. If they are ugly, unwrap them. You can have a mix of both. When he needs a new one, he can just reach in and grab one. You may still need to throw away the bits in the soap dish when they get icky, but the unused ones will have a nice dust-free, easy-to-remember-them home.  I think I’m going to start looking for a pretty apothecary jar at yard sales and Goodwill so I can do this myself!







I need to talk about graduation for a bit here.  My. first. baby. is. graduating! Ack! How can this be?!?!  I know I have joked about the teen years.  I even posted this on Facebook:

A scrapbook page I made for my teenage son.

A scrapbook page I made for my teenage son.

But now, we are done visiting colleges, he is finishing up his final classes and we are just a few weeks from graduation! I’m trying not to think about how I feel about that.  So I tried distracting myself with something I can control: ordering graduation announcements!  We chose not to order the cards they offered through the school.  They were very pricey and not at all personal.

Do you remember the Christmas Cards I ordered from Minted? I loved them, so Minted.com is where I headed to look for personalized graduation announcements.

Holy choices, Batman!!! They have some gorgeous, gorgeous options!  Here are some of my favorites so far:

A screenshot of a few of my favorite cards (so far!) on Minted.com

A screenshot of a few of my favorite cards (so far!) on Minted.com

I need the distraction of of playing with this for a few more days, but I want to post this right away to give you all time to use Minted’s coupon code!  They are offering 15% off graduation announcements until 5/11 with the code: CLASSOF2015 I’ll update this post with some of my samples and our chosen card in a few days.

UPDATE:  Jacob decided he wanted the “Triple Overlap” as seen above.  He wanted it to be blue, but we didn’t care for the shade of blue this card is offered in, so we went with a custom color and just asked them to use the blue that is one of the options for their “The Adventure Begins” card.  Here is how it turned out:

Final Grad Card

It occurs to me perhaps I should not put all his personal info out there, so I smudged, but you get the idea.

Still trying not to think about all of this!  Now I’ve distracted myself with sending these announcements out and planning a party for him…

I love Twitter! I have been able to interact with people on Twitter whom I NEVER would have met or interacted with in real life- including authors and celebrities. I came across Terrys Fabrics on Twitter () and have had some fun interacting with them!  In fact, they invited me to be interviewed for their Designer Insights feature on their website.  Because they are based in the UK, my friend Wendy says this makes me internationally famous! LOL!  Here is my feature on their site:

Courtesy of: Terrys Fabrics
A dumpster dived treasure!

A dumpster dived treasure!

So… I’ve had this painting in my attic for a few months.

A neighbor dumpster dived this for me because he knew I would use the frame.  The painting is quite lovely, but not anything I could see myself using as is.  I had an idea to stencil a quote over it, but hadn’t quite determined how to do that when I came across this:

An old paint-by-numbers painting revamped.

An old paint-by-numbers painting revamped.


HGTV Magazine had this idea for taking an ugly old paint-by-numbers painting and turning it into something fresh and different.  It was a vertical painting and they turned it horizontally and painted over it.  The original painting is a little more abstract now and you really just focus on the colors.

I knew I wanted to try this technique on my painting, BUT I still wanted you to know it was a beach scene underneath.

The label paper and some of my words cut out.

The label paper and some of my words cut out.

I purchased some removable label sheets and printed the words from the chorus of “Sea of Love” on them.  Then I cut out all the words.  And laid them out on my painting.

The letters stuck down to the canvas.

The letters stuck down to the canvas.

I played around with the placement of the letters because I wanted what peeked through the finished painting to make sense visually. I still wanted you to know it was a beach scene.


I was very worried about the clouds at the top of the painting. I knew I wanted to paint over everything with crisp white, but I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to make out the letters on the top of the painting against the white.  No other color choice seemed any better, so I went ahead with painting over it all.

Admittedly, this next part of the project did not go quite as I had planned… The directions from HGTV magazine said to paint over everything in one thick coat. The problem was- the minute the paint touched the sticker paper the paper swelled up and started to pull away from the painting.  So I had to do one light and very quick coat!  The result is that you can still see some of the original painting bleeding through, but you can also make out the letters.  I decided it has a bit of rustic look.

Actually I quite like the way it turned out.  I feel like it was a nice way to bring someone else’s art into my room and still make it my own.  What do you think?

The finished product hanging over the bed.

The finished product hanging over the bed.

coffeeI learned some fascinating things about the food industry today. For instance- there are all kinds of jobs behind the scenes that it never occurred to me existed before. If I didn’t know they existed, how could I hope to be that when I grew up? I feel a little cheated.  It’s kind of how I felt when I saw ice cream scientists on The Amazing Race. I didn’t know I could have grown up to become an ice cream scientist!!! Sheesh!

Over the years I’ve heard many people joke about wouldn’t it be fun to taste-test _____ for a living. “Yes. Yes it would be fun”, I’d said, but I didn’t know you could actually do that. It turns out you can.  My friend told me about a job with a company who was looking for beverage taste-testers, so I applied and today I went in for a test. A taste-tester taste test. It was pretty interesting.  You can’t study for a taste-tester taste test. I’m not sure how they grade these tests. Pass/Fail?  I also don’t know if I “passed”. I really thought I had failed part one!  Let me tell you how it went…

There were three of us testees. That definitely is not right. Tasters? We’ll go with tasters.  There were three of us tasters.  We met in a conference-type room with 2 scientist ladies.  (They held the aforementioned jobs that I didn’t know you could grow up to hold.) I guess they were the taste-tester taste test testers. {grin} They explained how the test was going to work and answered our questions then showed us into the test room.  Picture a long, narrow room with six booths lining one wall.  Each booth had a rolling counter-height chair pulled up to a small counter.  In the center of the counter was a small door that lifted up. To the left of the door was a stack of paper cups and a stack of napkins.  To the right was a plastic container full of saltine crackers.  We were to take a paper cup and fill it with water from the water cooler in the corner.  The stools were a little tall. I’m not short, but it was tall for me.  Getting in not, not so bad…getting out…well it was a quiet room and when I got out to refill my water cup, the bang of my chair hitting the way as it shot out from under me was a little loud…

Our samples were prepared on the other side of the door. When the samples were ready the taste-tester taste test testers pressed a button on their side of the wall and a light came on on our side of the wall. We opened the door, pulled the sample through and turned off the light on our side.  After we finished with a sample, we put it back through the door and turned the light on on our side so they knew we were done. There were 6 segments to the test.  And they went something like this:

Segment 1:  Six little plastic cups on a tray came out.  We were told to label them as “sweet”, “salty”, “bitter” or “sour”. Of the six we were told at least one was plain water.  I was a little nervous, but I know how to taste, right? How hard could this be?  The answer: much harder than you would think!  All of the samples were clear and I am convinced were water. Some of them just (allegedly) had something added to them.  My first sample was the tiniest bit salty.  and the fourth one was the teeniest bit sweet. The rest all tasted different from each other, but I was hard-pressed to say how.  I started to think I might be the first person to fail a taste-tester test!  I had a brief moment of panic when I thought, “What is the difference between bitter and sour?” I mean, my head knows bitter is like coffee and sour is like lemon, but I wasn’t sure my mouth knew the difference.  So, I guess I kind of guessed at the remaining 4 samples. On to segment 2.

Segment 2:  Three disposable coffee cups came out.  Each had a sample of coffee in it.  Two were the same, one was different.  We had to write down which one was different and in what ways was it different in terms of sight, taste, aroma, “mouth-feel” and aftertaste.  I picked the one that was different right away. Phew!

What numbers do you see?

What numbers do you see?

Segment 3:  Colorblindness test.  A little booklet came out with colored circles on each page.  In the colored circles were different colored numbers.  We had to write down what numbers we saw for 17 of these.  They looked like this:

I was able to see all the numbers, so I guess I’m not colorblind (which is especially good for me, as being colorblind would severely limit my abilities as a designer!).  I might pass this test after all!

Segment 4:  We knew ahead of time that this was going to be “orange squash”, but they didn’t give any details.  I have a vague recollection of an English beverage called “orange squash” and I was hoping it would be this and not an orange vegetable. Four little plastic cups filled with “orange squash” came out on a tray. Relief! It was a beverage!  Horror! It tasted awful!  We had to rank them from one to four from weakest to strongest and describe what characteristics we used to decide. The samples reminded me of the super sugary drink I had to drink when I got my blood tested when I was pregnant…mixed with super-concentrated carrots.  I could tell that two were stronger than the other two, but had a hard time putting all four in order.  For this test I heartily used the “spit cup” we were told we could use.  I could not swallow.  I guessed on the two weaker ones as to which was weakest. I determined that the one that made we want to cry was probably the strongest and left it at that.

Segment 5:  Three little plastic cups filled with clear pink liquid came out.  We had to identify what they tasted like and if we couldn’t identify the flavor, we would say what it reminded us of.  This was easy: lemonade, strawberry Bubblicious Bubble Gum and Fruity Pebbles.

Segment 6:  Two disposable coffee cups came out. They each appeared to have coffee in them.  We had to describe them in terms of: sight, taste, aroma, “mouth-feel” and aftertaste.  They both tasted like strong coffee. Different strong coffees, but both strong coffees.  Not too bad!

When we were done, we each met with the taste-tester taste test testers individually and learned specifics about scheduling and were asked questions like “Do you smoke?” and “How often do you you drink tea?”  It was a very interesting experience!  Did I get the job?  I don’t know yet.  Will I take the job if it is offered to me?  I don’t know that either.  I’ll have to get back to you.

I love Christmas cards!  Christmas cards are a great connection to the people in my life and in many a case they are the only connection to some of the people in my life!   I especially love photo cards.  I love seeing how my friends’ families have grown and changed over the years.  I actually keep a scrapbook of the photo cards I receive.

I started sending a version of a photo card when our first child was a baby.  I was an avid scrapbooker at the time, so I made an album page with some of the highlights of our year in photos.

My first scrapbook page Christmas Card

My first scrapbook page Christmas Card

Then we had the scrapbook page color copied and we folded the copies and sent them out as our cards.  This letter would go in my scrapbook and all the photo cards we receive that year would go in after it.  I kept up this form of Christmas card for years, but it was pretty time consuming.  Our family took a brief respite from sending cards for a few years. Last year my husband took over putting together a photo card, but I missed being involved.

This year I’ve found the perfect solution!  I was invited to take a look at Minted.  This site offers so many awesome cards that are way more than a step above color copies and they are faster and easier to put together than a scrapbook page!  Minted offers “Holiday Cards” and “Christmas Cards” from simple to elaborate. (I mostly explored the post card section because, honestly, that was more my price range.) And look at the difference in the paper they use:



I had so much fun playing with my photos in the different cards. They have an option you can click that allows you to see your photo in several cards at once.  See?:

Our Family Photo inserted into many cards at once.

Our Family Photo inserted into many cards at once.

You can zoom in on your photo and shift it around in the editor.  I don’t want to reveal the card I ultimately chose, but I will show you the runners-up!

I LOOOOOVE this card, but I really like to include more than one photo:


Here is the runner-up in the “more than one photo” category:

card 2

I did end up using the photos above, but I chose a very different card. Stay tuned- maybe I’ll share it when it arrives.

Frankly, I wrote this post because Minted asked me to (and they offered me a small credit toward anything on their site) , but I’m ordering the cards because I think they are cool and I can’t wait to see mine!

Every place we’ve lived since having children (4 houses for those keeping track at home) has had a linen closet- except the one we are in now. Bummer!  It took me a while to puzzle it out, but I finally came up with this solution:

Our linen closet substitute

Our linen closet substitute

There was space at the end of the upstairs hall, so we put a dresser there to hold all the sheets and towels and such. And the tall cabinet holds all the bath and beauty supplies. I put the cabinet on the right because the wall is slightly larger on that side, but the asymmetry  bothered me. In order to balance the height of the cabinet on the right I added a window treatment to the left of the window. It is actually a twin bed sheet  folded over an old wooden hanger and held on with wooden clothespins.  I got the idea from Myquillyn over at Nesting Place years ago.