So, this is it!  I’ve been thinking for awhile now that I really want to clear out our house.  We (and I’ll be honest- probably mostly me!) have a LOT of things in our house we don’t need.  I’ve decided that now is the time to do something about that!  What better way to commit to a project, than to make it public where any number of people can hold you accountable!  The goal: rid our home of 365 items this year.


I’m really not sure if this goal is too lofty or not lofty enough!

Want to join me?  Please let me know and we can cheer each other on!

18 Thoughts on “Challenge 365

  1. Wendy I. on March 10, 2014 at 5:52 pm said:

    Great idea! I’ll join you 🙂 I’ve been chipping away at our extra stuff since January, and I am sure I have enough to go all the way thru to December!

  2. Jennifer, I’ve been doing 40bagsin40days (starting Ash Wed – sort of a Lenten sacrifice). So far we got rid of 8 bags of clothing! I have lots of areas of my home to explore, though. So maybe 365 could be either one bag or one larger item, interpret it loosely based on what it is you are ridding yourself of. I hate clutter and it makes me anxious. But it seems like family life, with all it’s varied needs for equipment, supplies, and activities, is full of clutter. So I’m game. 🙂 I’ll read along!

    • Jennifer on March 11, 2014 at 12:09 pm said:

      I saw that 40 bags in 40 days challenge on facebook. I had already started this–at least in my head. I have completed step 1 of this challenge, but I won’t post until next week. I have to stay one step ahead of my blogging! I also want this to be ongoing, probably for the rest of forever, or until I become a minimalist!

  3. Part of the reason I began This Simple Home blog was to get my home in order. Last week that included getting rid of about 50 items from my closet.

    • Jennifer on March 25, 2014 at 1:19 pm said:

      Hi, Annette! I will eventually tackle my closet, but not ready to go there yet. 50 items is fantastic progress! I’ll have to check out your blog! I’ll say “hello” over there!

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