Local Services

I charge $50 per hour for the following services:

Color consultation- Let me help you choose colors for one room or to coordinate your whole home!

Space planning- Do you have an awkward room shape? Maybe you’re trying to get one room to meet three needs. I can help you! I’ll measure the room and the items you need to keep in it. I’ll help you determine the best arrangement and, if necessary, what items to purchase to meet your needs.  Space planning is my forte.  By simply switching a door and window on an architect’s drawing of a mud room pre-construction, I was able to garner for the client an additional 48 cubic feet of cabinet storage in the kitchen and an additional 72 cubic feet of storage in the pantry!

Gallery Walls- This is my other forte! I can help you build a gallery wall around objects you already own, or we can build it from scratch, or a combination of the two.  We can do something simple with just a few frames and objects or we can do a bold floor to ceiling, wall to wall mega gallery wall and anything in-between.

Interior redesign- This is simply taking a look at what you already have and making it work in a newer, fresher way. This is perfect for those who are tired of the look they see every day, but can’t afford to start over!

Interior Design- This can be any and all aspects of interior design, including, but not limited to those areas listed above. Room measuring, space planning, furniture and fabric selection, selecting and ordering merchandise, installation, etc.